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 一寸 Mr. Wu Jiansheng, the CEO of Xiamen Onecn Tea Co.,Ltd., is named by “Tea Young Marshal” by the magazine of “China Entrepreneurs”. He insists the principal of “Quality oriented, Customer satisfaction, Innovation development, and Affinity symbiosis”. The company set the goal of “Goods can be reached worldwide, and all share benefits” to build the company to be the first choice of healthy and leisure tea enterprise in China.

The company has two brands on tea.One is “Enjoy Love Time” and another is “Better Life”.

PictureXiamen Onecn Tea Co.,Ltd. has its own tea planting base. It is also a strong platform for kinds of resources and has specialized technology in tea field. The core team are from experienced tea planting family and leading tea experts to lead the company to build “Healthy, Leisure, Safety and Quality” brands by original tea base and advanced tea technology.

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The no-wash Pu-erh tea with “Enjoy love life” brand is exclusive patent product of Xiamen Onecn Tea Co.,Ltd.They are from valley with 3371 meters altitude where there is 130 Kilometers away from Kunming, Yunnan province. The patentee of no-wash Pu-erh tea, technical director of Xiamen Onecn Tea Co.,Ltd., leads the company to produce healthy, safety and quality tea under the unique local climate conditions. By far, the company completes mechanized production from plantation, initial processing, fermentation, cleaning, drying, purifying and so on.

The company does efforts into technical innovation and get the patent to first time make no-wash Pu-erh tea and health preservation function tea with “Enjoy love life” brand into China market.


The “Better life” brand is used in traditional leisure tea from high mountain and health preservation clubs. It covers Anxi Oolong tea(eg. Aixi Tieguanyin, Aixi Benshan), green tea, red tea, Jasmine tea, Dahongpao, Tanyanggongfu, Jinjunmei, Lapsang souchong, and so on. Our Tieguanyin tea with “Better life” brand is top 10 tea brand in China, cooperation brand appointed by CCTV, and Chinese well-known tea brand.

Our Reputation!

  • Chinese well-known tea brand
  •  “Better life” brand is top 10 tea brand in China
  • Golden supplier by Canton fair
  • Cooperation brand appointed by CCTV  
  • Denominated supplier by Fujian TV station in 2010