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We are onecntea.com and it is company with over 279 years tea plantation and trading experience.We have two registed brand,Pu-erh tea with “Enjoy love life” and Oolong tea(Teiguanyin tea) with “betterlife “.We can supply kinds of teas, including Tieguanyin tea(Tikuanyin tea),Anxi Benshan,Green tea, black tea, Jasmine tea, Dahongpao tea, Jinjunmei, lapsang souchong and so on.

Our company has its own tea planting base. It is also a strong platform for kinds of resources and has specialized technology in tea field. The core team are from experienced tea planting family and leading tea experts to lead the company to build “Healthy, Leisure, Safety and Quality” brands by original tea base and advanced tea technology.

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Our Brands

The “Better life” brand is used in traditional leisure tea from high mountain and health preservation clubs. It covers Anxi Oolong tea(eg. Aixi Tieguanyin, Aixi Benshan), green tea, red tea, Jasmine tea, Dahongpao, Tanyanggongfu, Jinjunmei, Lapsang souchong, and so on. 

The no-wash Pu-erh tea with “Enjoy love life” brand is exclusive patent product of Xiamen Onecn Tea Co.,Ltd.They are from valley with 3371 meters altitude where there is 130 Kilometers away from Kunming, Yunnan province. The company does efforts into technical innovation and get the patent to first time make no-wash Pu-erh tea and health preservation function tea with “Enjoy love life” brand into China market.

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Our Service 

1.Supply Kinds of Tea(standard packed tea,loose tea and teabag tea) and beautiful tea sets.

2.Customize tea and tea packages according to customer demands.

3.Blend tea according to your requirements.

4.Tea consultant.

5.Tea OEM service.

6.Sourcing for your demand basing on our 278 years tea plantation and trading experience.

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Over 279 years experience in tea planting and trading, Now it is available for you.

Tea is good for your health,and it also can be gift to your parents,friends,colleagues and so on.The tea as gift is just like to give more healthy to them,also for yourself.         

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Better life Tea from Ecological tea base

  • Suitable Altitude: Average altitude are between 600-800M
  • Abundant Sunlight: Annual average sunlight hours are between 185h and 2000h.
  • Proper Temperature: Annual average temperature is between 16-21℃.
  • Strict picking time: Picking tea leaves must be 10:00-14:00 in daytime of each Spring and Autumn to make sure the tea leaves are fresh and tender buds, in order to keep the original fragrance, nice taste and nutrition.




Why No-wash Pu-erh Tea?

  • No-wash Pu-erh tea is purifying tea and can be drunk directly, and it saves washing-tea-time.
  • No-wash Pu-erh tea is mild to fit for all people, especially for Child and old people.
  • Many drinking ways included, such using Kongfu tea sets to slowly taste it, furthermore, you also can boil it by teapot, and the taste will be more perfect for family or teambuilding.

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Specialized In Tea Field Over 279 Years

We only supply authentic teas of China, including Green tea, black tea, Jasmine tea, Pu-erh Tea, Oolong tea, Tieguanyin tea(Tikuanyin tea), Anxi Benshan, Dahongpao tea, Jinjunmei, lapsang souchong, even beautiful tea pot or sets, and so on. We can supply those tea in kinds styles, such as standard package, teabags, loose tea, tea power in wholesale or in bulk ,even retail and so on. We also can Customize tea and tea packages according to customer demands, or blend tea for your requirements as your OEM. We will like to be your tea consultant as well in China. We also have strong sourcing experience in China and know the tea market well.

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