Tieguanyin tea(Iron Guanyin Tea)-32 small bags in 1 tin(250G)

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Product Description

Teiguanyin tea(Iron GuanyinTea)- Normal and Clean Aroma-250G/Tin

Tea Information

Brand:Better Life Tea

Tea Name: Teiguanyin Tea packed by square Tin

Fragrance type: Normal and Clean Aroma Type

From: Internal Aixi, Fujian Province, China

Net weight:250G/Tin

Box Spec.: 24CM X 11CM X 6CM

Storage Methods: Must sealed, Moisture proof, avoid direct sunlight to tea and peculiar smell mixed. Better to cool storage.

Product Standard: GB/T 19598-2006

Production License NO.:QS3505 1401 2052

Manufacturer: Anxi BetterLife Tea Factory

Usage: Drop the dry Tea into +95℃ boiled water, then pour out the tea water for drinking.

Production Date: See Printed code dating number

Grade: Top grade

Warranty Period:18 months

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Dry Tea

380X260-4-steelbox-try tea

Tea bands are alike tight knot. Emerald green tea leaves are plump. They looks like fairy toad full of nimbus.

Tea Liquid

380X260-1-steel box-liquid

The tea liquid shows apricot yellow color. Its taste is sweet and mellow combined orchid fragrance. The fragrance can last and still elegant after many times of infusion.

Appreciate Leaves

380X260-2-steel box-leaves

Leaves are extending and laminated in order, Green color is silky and exquisite. The shape looks that the fairy maiden showing her macrame.

Better life Ecological tea base

As to quality tea, it must from high mountain with so much clouds.

Our Ecological tea base is just in those kind of mountains with clouds. And the red earth with acidity are perfect to raise tea trees.

Its Climate:

  • Suitable Altitude: Average altitude are between 600-800M
  • Abundant Sunlight: Annual average sunlight hours are between 185h and 2000h.
  • Proper Temperature: Annual average temperature is between 16-21℃.
  • Strict picking time: Picking tea leaves must be 10:00-14:00 in daytime of each Spring and Autumn to make sure the tea leaves are fresh and tender buds, in order to keep the original fragrance, nice taste and nutrition.

Tea Functions

Tea has Tea Polyphenols which make tea having fragrance and nice taste. It has below functions to health if people insist drinking tea for long time.

  • Anti-oxidation, and clear Free radicals.
  • Anti-aging
  • Radiation-resistant
  • Keep brain Conscious sedation
  • Prevent or retard cardiovascular disease
  • Weight loss, vigorous and graceful
  • Heat-clearing and Purging Pathogenic Fire Inhibit nitrites formation in food

Tea has other functions as below:

  • Protect tooth and eyes
  • Antimicrobial effect
  • Absorb the peculiar smell


  • “Better Life” tea is Top10 tea brand in China.
  • 279 years tea planting and trading experience since 1736.
  • The tea planting base is original tea planting area, Anxi, Fujian province, China.

Advantaged small output area has country-degree tea tree with big leaf Oolong tea and located at high latitude.

  • 8 traditional and technical tea making processes and 24 tea making rules to make quality tea for you.
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Please feel free to quote or talk about this tea if you have demand or Query.We are looking forward to talk with you.


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